ground power unit

designed and made in Italy |

The GROUND POWER UNITS are the most compact in the world. These equipments have maximum outputs up to 1700 Amps.
Using the latest in Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries these start units are extremely robust and user friendly.
These power packs are designed for starting of piston, turboprop or turbine aircraft and helicopters in the field or in remote locations. They can be used or stored in any orientation, even inverted. Cells used are cleared as non-hazardous cargo (Nonspillable batteries).

The GROUND POWER UNITS are able to operate in extreme temperatures and have excellent standby characteristics. They are maintenance free and do not require cycling. They can be re-celled “on condition” at any service center in the world and are designed to give years of repeated service. They can be recharged from the automatic charging system, which is supplied in the package. Standard power pack system includes a portable power unit with heavy duty cables and connector, a multistage electronic charger.